Zotero & Pale Moon – “An error has occurred…”

This post is on exactly how to resolve the trouble when you obtain this message in Zotero utilizing Pale Moon:

” A mistake has actually taken place. Please reactivate Pale Moon.You can report this error by selecting “Record
Mistakes …” from the Actions (gear) food selection.”

zotero-palemoon-error This forces you to restart Pale Moon, and also unfortunately the error will certainly keep persisting arbitrarily as you maintain using Pale Moon, which can be quite bothersome as well as time-wasting. It should be to do with Zotero’s integration with Pale Moon. More concerns( if you don’t reactivate Pale Moon promptly)- clicking folders on the left will not present their items listing. Nevertheless, you could conserve items to the currently-selected Zotero folder- you merely can’t see the items checklist or view existing items, and you can’t watch your pages tabs properly as the Zotero pane is in the means, obstructing your sight! Additionally, if you get this mistake message, and also you attempt to utilize your

keyboard shortcut (typically Ctrl-shift-z )or the X icon to the right of the Zotero toolbar to shut the Zotero pane, or you open up a brand-new Pale Moon home window and also attempt to start Zotero there, you’ll simply get yet another mistake message:” There was an error starting Zotero “. zotero-palemoon-error2 zotero-palemoon-error3 Workaround to maintain functioning in Pale Moon( if not Zotero) First, here’s a short-term workaround, simply to allow you

see and also save your present pages or tabs to Zotero. Hover the computer mouse over the top of

the Zotero pane so it comes to be a double goinged arrowhead: zotero-palemoon-drag After that click as well as drag it down to hide the Zotero pane, to make sure that just the Zotero toolbar is showing: zotero-toolbar Clearly this obtains a lot of

of Zotero out of the way of your webpages as well as

tabs, so you could keep saving your then-open pages to the presently selected folder. If you have to change folders simply drag Zotero back up, click on the name of the appropriate folder on

the left as well as save the next webpage item, and so on. Exactly what’s the longer-term option? Full solution to” An error has actually occurred. Please restart Pale Moon …” The permanent fix I found after some troubleshooting is to disable automatic syncing in the Zotero setups. In the Zotero toolbar, click the

Zotero Setups symbol (the cog ), after that Preferences: zotero-preferences Click the Sync tab, after that click by” Sync automatically” to UNtick it, as well as click OKAY: palemoon-zotero-sync Finally, restart Pale Moon. Ever since, I’ve had no reappearance of the mistake message. I tested this remedy by re-enabling automatic sync in Zotero as well as, indeed, the issue returned. The only downside

  • is that somehow this is simply a workaround because you after that have to remember to sync Zotero by hand -click the Sync symbol at the right of the Zotero toolbar: zotero-sync I currently have a tendency to do that each day merely before I go and have lunch or dinner! < a href=" http://feeds.feedburner.com/

    | ff/ConsumingExperienceFull? a=- IFQU4N2tKw:5 FRTNM_FmaI:63 t7Ie-LG7Y” > < a href =" http://feeds.feedburner.com/|ff/ConsumingExperienceFull? a=- IFQU4N2tKw:5 FRTNM_FmaI: qj6IDK7rITs ” >

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