Open Live Writer – change blog posts folder’s default location

This post reveals just how to change the default area for where Open Live Author conserves your article and also drafts, if you don’t like its default area. This implies that, for instance, you could point Open Live Author to where your old Windows Live Writer blog articles were on your system (at the very least if you made use of an exterior hard disk drive like me), and reuse those folders, so you can shift from Windows Live Writer to Open Online Writer easily. This is in Windows 7 – YMMV.

Basically, the technique used for Windows Live Author works to alter where Open Live Author conserves and seeks your blog article documents, yet with some tweaks, as I show listed below. In my instance, I stored all my records and other files on an outside hard disk drive (called G on system) instead of C drive, including my Windows Live Author blog articles folders. So I’ll use that to show, however your folders will certainly have different areas.

After you have actually installed Open Live Author, below’s the detailed guidelines on ways to change its default Save/ Open place:

  1. Open your Pc registry Editor as well as backup your Windows computer system registry (click the leading degree i.e. Computer, to backup the full windows registry). Alternatively, browse to Computer system > > HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software application > OpenLiveWriter, singleclick on OpenLiveWriter, then export the key. Make certain Open Live Writer is closed
  2. , merely in case- so departure it if it’s open. Return to the Computer system registry Editor as well as navigate to
  3. OpenLiveWriter as symphonious 1 above. Rightclick on OpenLiveWriter on the left; after that choose New > String Worth: image Then, right away kind” PostsDirectory”( without the quotes)
  4. to overwrite “New Worth # 1”, in the right pane image with the word” PostsDirectory”( no rooms), to make sure that it resembles this in the appropriate pane: image Next off, discover the primary folder on your system where you want your blog site articles and draft blog
  5. blog posts to be stored, and note down the course to the folder. If you have an existing folder, utilize that; if you do not simply produce a new folder wher you want it.Tip: to take down the path easily, in Computer system or Windows Traveler, merely browse to the folder you desire. Ensure you’ve opened the folder in Computer system/ Windows Explorer. Then click in the address bar. The course will be highlighted automatically, and also you can simply use the keyboard faster way Ctrl-c( hold back the Ctrl trick as well as tap the c secret) to duplicate the course to your clipboard. image After that go back to the Windows registry Editor. Doubleclick on PostsDirectory on the right, that you produced previously. In the” Value information” line of
  6. the box that pops up, simply go into or paste( utilizing Ctrl-v )the path to the major folder where you intend to conserve your Open Live Author blog site posts (on a lot of systems, you would have a top level folder called e.g.” My Weblog Posts “). For instance, on my computer system I desire to keep them on my G drive in the Papers folder, in a sub-folder called “My Blog Posts”, so I would enter this: image Certainly, you would enter something various depending on where you wish to save your article on your own system. After that click OK. If
  7. you had an existing post folder, e.g. that you had actually been utilizing under Windows Live Writer, and you entered its course in “Value information”, Open Live Writer will certainly currently recognise it. In particular, you’ll see your draft posts and also recent posts( as formerly conserved in Windows Live Author) when you open local drafts or recent posts in Open Live Writer. image If you had actually simply produced a brand-new major folder for your article, subfolders called” Drafts” as well as” Current Articles” will automatically be produced for you, into which your draft articles and future released
  8. blog posts will be conserved: image< a href=" |ff/ConsumingExperienceFull? a=

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