New window has both Pale Moon button and menu – solution

On opening up a new home window in Pale Moon, you might find a “double layer” occupying extra screen room needlessly, with the blue Pale Moon button top left (with message not symbol) – also if you have actually preferred to check out the food selection bar and the initial window shows effectively. Below’s what my new windows resemble:

pm-nw1 Something odd’sgoing on because it ought to show the switch or the menu bar, not both! Potentially a pest, only started taking place recently for me.

Below’s my workaround or solution. To obtain eliminate the leading “bar”, simply hide the food selection bar by UNticking it – menu Sight > > Toolbars > Menu Bar, so that there’s no tick against “Menu Bar”< a href=

”” >: pm-nw2 Then, reveal it again by using the arrow versus the Pale Moon blue switch- choose Options, Menu bar: pm-nw3 Currently the new window needs to be normal again: pm-nw4 However be advised, it’s even more of a workaround than long-term solution due to the fact that it doesn’t fix the problem moving forward, and also you could need to go with this procedure all over once again for every brand-new window you open in Pale Moon! < a href ="|ff/ConsumingExperienceFull? a= xwlI_LLYJFw:3 _ 9FBCNPtDc:63 t7Ie-LG7Y ” > < a href="|ff/ConsumingExperienceFull? a= xwlI_LLYJFw:3 _ 9FBCNPtDc : qj6IDK7rITs” > < a href="|ff/ConsumingExperienceFull? a= xwlI_LLYJFw:3 _ 9FBCNPtDc: I9og5sOYxJI” >

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