Fix Pale Moon migration tool problem

There’s a movement tool to relocate all your Firefox settings, book marks, attachments etc to the Pale Moon browser( see Pale Moon review and also suggestions). This blog post is on the best ways to sort out one

trouble you may get with

the too. Before you begin Before you take into consideration using the migration device, you have to note a number of points( and also see the constraints noted

  1. on the migration device page): It might be most ideal to establish every little thing tidy, from square one, in Pale Moon – download your fave extensions, tweak their settings as you like them, etc. This would certainly avoid bring over any feasible problems with corrupt or weird setups etc from Firefox. It’s even more taxing to do, however I believe it’s well worth it (as do others), and also this is just what I did directly.
  2. If you have numerous Firefox profiles, the tool just moves the default account – if you have no idea what multiple accounts are, you’re most likely not utilizing them! (I just have a number of accounts myself because problems with previous Firefox accounts created me to produce brand-new ones and also I have not removed the old profiles yet simply in situation).

Using the migration tool

If you have actually opened Pale Moon at the very least once prior to attempting the movement device, you need to do this first before introducing the device (you’ll see why later):

  1. Go to your existing Pale Moon profile folder ( ways to find your Pale Moon profile) Take down the complete name of the account folder, eg 12a34b78. username. Much better still, copy/paste the name someplace. Make sure you close both Firefox and also Pale Moon before running the tool, and say Yes to overwrite the existing minimal account information, if you’re trying this device this right after setup.

    pm-overwrite The best ways to fix the Pale Moon migration trouble- possible solution This suggestion appeared to include a great deal of steps so I tried another thing, and it functioned! Below is solution I came up with( which ideally will assist some individuals, however if it does not you can attempt the a lot more drastic one- at your very own danger!). If you’ve had troubles with the movement tool, where it resembles no

    settings have actually moved over from Firefox( see following area): Ensure you’ve closed Pale Moon and also it’s not running. Visit your Pale Moon accounts folder

    1. ( here’s just how). If you see not one, but 2, sub-folders inside the profiles folder( each called with a mix of characters and numbers)
    2. , you remain in luck! pm-profiles One of those account folders will be the very same as the original account folder whose name you kept in mind in the previous section( prior to you ran the migration tool). The various other profile folder will be completely brand-new. Write the full filename of the new profile folder( you would certainly have kept in mind the name of the various other profile folderearlier, but if not, note it now, so that you understand which name is for the initial folder and also which is for the brand-new one). Now, rename the original account folder- anything different, eg old.blah. Next off, relabel the brand-new account folder so that its name is specifically the like that of the original folder (whose name you kept in mind at the beginning
    3. prior to you ran the movement tool).( If you’ve already run the movement device without writing the name of the initial profile folder, do not misery -check out the changed days of the 2 folders. The older one is likely to be the initial folder.
    4. Likewise, look inside the account folder, at the” extension “sub-folder. The profile folder which contains your Firefox extensions, that you attempted to shift over, will certainly be the new account folder.) When you start Pale Moon once again, the setups etc ought to have moved over this time. If you slipped up as well as renamed the wrong folders, and Pale Moon won’t work or still doesn’t reveal the transferred setups
    5. , merely close it, get the filenames from your notes and try the above again the other way round! Additional action. When you start Pale Moon besides that: it could state that the Standard Motif Conservator isn’t really suitable etc. That’s fine, you don’t need it with Pale Moon the Standing Bar might not show up -you might need to rightclick the void

    to the right of the tabs as well as: tick the Condition Bar( as well as Menu, etc as you

    1. desire) to display it, after that rightclick the very same location once again, select Customize, then drag the Status text, Progression
    2. etc, and other icons to the standing bar as you wish. Explanation? What seems to have actually taken place in this particular situation( though there might well be various other troubles with the movement device) is that, although I would certainly asked for the old basic profile to be overwritten, the tool had actually cannot do that, yet had actually developed an all new profile instead, in a separate

account folder , containing all the transferred setups. However, Pale Moon wouldn’t identify the new account folder( also making use of Account Manager, it declared there was just one account there – the initial one that need to have been overwritten ). By renaming the original folder to something else, and offering the new profile folder the very same name as the original profile folder, Pale Moon was made to recognise the brand-new account. Sorted!( To save you trying this: exactly what didn’t job was erasing the original account folder. Pale Moon wouldn’t begin in any way when I tried that. Hence the rename trick. )History- problems with the migration device In case you obtained comparable error messages, here are the background details. I checked the tool on a buddy’s Windows Panorama COMPUTER who had only one Firefox account. It began fine, it appeared to locate the appropriate folders so

I clicked” Duplicate account”: pm-migration5[3] It appeared to advance OK, eg saying that Status-4-Evar had not been required in Pale Moon( which it isn’t

): pm-migration6 However the movement device didn’t appear to function! A message maintained standing out up, where I needed to keep clicking” Continue” multiple times: Manuscript Control The script you are

executing is taking longer than expected to run. Click End to terminate the manuscript or Continuously proceed script execution. pm-migrate3 And afterwards I got a message: Copyfolder

– Mistake Number: 76 Error Source: Microsoft

VBScript runtime error Desc: Path not found pm-migrate5 It specified the paths merely to the Firefox as well as Pale Moon folders in AppData( but not the certain profile sub-folders). And inexplicably it finished with” Standing: Finished”, suggesting the transfer had functioned, which you might simply click” Leave”: pm-migration7 Nevertheless, when I resumed Pale Moon

it appeared that absolutely nothing had actually been shifted! No added add-ons were visible, no bookmarks were moved, and so on. The rename technique explained in the previous section resolved the problem.

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