Acer desktop computers are a good choice when you need a decent brand that is also going to be easy on the budget. They offer fairly inexpensive desktops that are generally fairly reliable and can serve more users needs in a computer. So really what you need to do before making any sort of desktop purchase is to thoroughly do your homework and research your needs in a machine.

What do you intend on doing with your desktop computer? What sort of tasks will you be working on? Are you going to be doing heavy video editing? Gaming? Music creation? Watching movies? Surfing the internet? Typing up papers for school? You have to define your needs in order to know what kind of machine you need to buy.

Many people make the classic mistake of thinking that they need to spend about a thousand dollars on a computer. They assume this because they remember that the last computer that they bought might have cost them about a thousand dollars. This is flawed thinking though because computers are getting cheaper and cheaper every day. What used to be an average computer desktop setup costing around a thousand dollars is now a much faster and more versatile setup that only costs about five hundred dollars.

It is not just that computers get faster and cheaper with each passing year, but that the entire price point of a mainstream desktop has shifted downward to around the 300 to 600 dollar range. If you assume that you need to spend about a grand then you are probably going to end up buying way to much computer for your needs and thus wasting a lot of money.

Define your needs and then take a look at a value brand like Acer. This will result in a sensible purchase that will serve you well.

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