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Pale Moon browser review – best Firefox alternative

This blog post consists of a review as well as tips on using the complimentary, open source Pale Moon internet browser- the most ideal Firefox alternative that I’ve found, since it’s based upon Firefox, so your favorite Firefox attachments/ expansions must function in it. There are variations for Windows and Linux (no Mac). I’ll mostly • Read More »

Fix Pale Moon migration tool problem

There’s a movement tool to relocate all your Firefox settings, book marks, attachments etc to the Pale Moon browser( see Pale Moon review and also suggestions). This blog post is on the best ways to sort out one trouble you may get with the too. Before you begin Before you take into consideration using the • Read More »

Zotero & Pale Moon – solve Word communication error

If you obtain “Word could possibly not interact with Zotero. Please ensure Firefox or Zotero Standalone is running and attempt once again”, when attempting to utilize the Pale Moon web browser( see Pale Moon review) with Zotero and Word in Windows, below’s exactly how to resolve the problem. Do not squander your time trying the • Read More »

Shampoo on Amazon – for millionaires only!

I always understood individual care items were costly, however this hair shampoo offered using Amazon takes the biscuit! Or instead the soapsuds? Some rates algorithm … < a href=" | ff/ConsumingExperienceFull? a= 9AOYVkpF4vA:3 jLAIFFPi6I: YwkR-u9nhCs” > < a href="|ff/ConsumingExperienceFull? a= 9AOYVkpF4vA:3 jLAIFFPi6I: l6gmwiTKsz0″ > Recommended Readingcomputer tipsComputershare InvestorComputershare

Nominative determinism 13

Here’s another instance of nominative determinism- people whose works fit their names. In a study of long-tailed tits’ co-operative reproduction, entitled “Ecological and also market correlates of helping behavior in an en masse reproducing bird”, the lead author is … Prof Ben Hatchwell! ( See various other article on nominative determinism.) < a href="|ff/ConsumingExperienceFull • Read More »

Zotero & Pale Moon – “An error has occurred…”

This post is on exactly how to resolve the trouble when you obtain this message in Zotero utilizing Pale Moon: ” A mistake has actually taken place. Please reactivate Pale Moon.You can report this error by selecting “RecordMistakes …” from the Actions (gear) food selection.” This forces you to restart Pale Moon, and also unfortunately • Read More »

New window has both Pale Moon button and menu – solution

On opening up a new home window in Pale Moon, you might find a “double layer” occupying extra screen room needlessly, with the blue Pale Moon button top left (with message not symbol) – also if you have actually preferred to check out the food selection bar and the initial window shows effectively. Below’s what • Read More »

Use Open Live Writer with Blogger / tip

If you made use of desktop computer blogging client software on your computer system, like Windows Live Writer, to blog on Google’s Blog writer or, you’ll know that since April/May 2015, it quit functioning. This is because, in late April 2015 Google updated the authentication technique for logging in to Google companies. Many individuals • Read More »